diciembre 18, 2018
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Is English Important for me?


If I learn English am I going against my culture? IS English an important language to learn? How is the English language ranking among the world top languages? Do we really need it? Or is it just trendy? IF I learn it do I have to pronounce it correctly? These are all common questions we sometimes ask each other as a parent, student, or educator.

The true is, and it is not a secret that English has been a language that dominates in a global world. For instance, What is global? According to the Cambridge advanced learners dictionary is related to the whole world. This means that besides the learning abilities we must consider learning English. Dominating the foreign language does not make anyone a traitor. On the other hand, it prepares the person to become competitive mind for a changing world (Gutierrez Pulido 2010).

Today, English is essential. As Richards says “ English is not only the language of international communication, commerce and trade, and of media and pop culture, but of increasingly, in countries where it was taught in the past as a second or foreign language, a medium of instruction for some or all subjects in schools, colleges and universities(Richards 2015).

Ultimately, It is evident that learning English and other languages that are in the top five are essential not only to grow as a professional, but as a business owner today. Then, do we need to learn English? The answer is yes. Not only to communicate, but to set yourself in a successful future.

Efren Garcia Huerta


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